Covid Update

EBA sessions are paused!

Tier 4 restrictions have temporarily closed our venues but we’ll be open again as soon they are lifted.

Last Dates For 2020

It’s be a tough year but we’re excited for the start of 2021! The last dates are below.

Monday 14th Dec
Tuesday 15th Dec
Wednesday 16th Dec
Thursday 17th Dec
Friday 11th Dec
Saturday 12th Dec
Sunday 13th Dec

Players don’t need to rejoin for next year, your membership and sessions continues.

EBA Team

Technique Tuesday

What is round the head and how much should I turn for overheads?

It’s becoming more common in mens and womens singles to turn a little less for overhead shots on the backhand side.

✅ Why turn less than 90 degress?
Easier to stay in balance ➡️ Faster recovery
Quicker to get in position ➡️ Higher contact point
More stable ➡️ Better shot accuracy

❎ Disadvantages
Less shoulder rotation ➡️ Less power

Sometimes we’re forced to turn less to quickly intercept a shuttle (see Viktor) while other times players choose it so they can stay in balance more (see Chen Long).

Lauren Smith

Women shouldn’t jump smash? EBA players are proving gender stereotypes wrong with the help of a special guest!

The girls of Edinburgh Badminton Academy have been practicing their jump smash all week, and today they received a very special video message from Olympian and European Champion Lauren Smith! 🥇

It is fantastic to have a top player supporting this initative and giving our young players something to aspire towards! To change outdated ideas and fight against sexist coaching ideas we need to make a concious effort to speak up.

At EBA, we say no to stereotypes, and yes to playing badminton however we want. We can’t wait to see our players putting their jump smashes into practice soon!