Adult Games

Our adult games sessions use a ladder to keep everyone playing with others of a similar level. Simply put, if you win you’ll move up, if you lose you’ll move down.

When you arrive

Grab one of the used shuttles from the box and find a partner to have a quick warm up. If it’s your first time then find one of the organisers and say hello, they’ll be able to get you started.

The organisers will announce when the ladder starts which is time to get your first game started. The games are all to 21 points and as soon as the first court finishes all courts will stop and swap.

The ladder

When someone shouts “game”, it’s time to move!

Behind your court will be an A4 laminated card indicating the number of players and which direction to move if you win or lose. If you and your partner win, move to the next court in the winning direction, otherwise move in the losing direction.

When you get to your new court check the new card:

  • “4 players” means no-one is required to sit off
  • “5 players” means one player is required to sit off
  • “6 players” means two players are required to sit off

Who should sit off? If there’s no-one who wants to rest this time then compare the number of times each person has sit off and whoever has sat off the least should sit out. Anyone who has sat off the previous round will automatically go straight back on and won’t sit out twice.

Still can’t decide? One or both of the winning players who have moved up should sit out as required with losing players having priority.

Sitting off

Your turn to sit out? Grab a drink and have a rest.

At the end of the next round return to the court that you were on previously.

Make sure you’re quick, otherwise you risk missing the start of the next round

“Make your own game time”

Near the end of the session we often finish the ladder to allow people to have a rest and make their own pairings. All you need to do is wait until there’s a free court, grab 3 other players and have a game!

Once you finish swap off to allow another group on.