Booking Guide

EBA uses Bookwhen to manage attendance at sessions which also enables you to cancel and transfer your bookings to alternative sessions. If you’re a member and paying via Direct Debit there is no need to book into sessions yourself as we will add you manually.

Monthly prize draw

At the end of each month, we’ll look for all players who have made sure to cancel or transfer all sessions they were unable to attend and enter them into a draw. One player per month will receive a months membership free of charge.

You’re allowed you to book 4, 8, 12 etc sessions every 4 weeks depending on your membership. When you cancel a ticket you can rebook at an alternative session provided it’s in the same 4 week period.

How to cancel

Use the following steps to access your bookings.

1. Go to and login

2. Scroll to find your upcoming events

3. Find the date you wish to change and click ticket options

4. Select ‘Cancel ticket’

How to rebook

Use the following steps to rebook a session

1. Go to and select ‘Adults’ or ‘Juniors’

2. Log in in the top left hand corner (reset your password if needed to get access)

3. Find the session you’d like to book and select the member ticket

If you’re looking to rebook but can’t find an available session you can add yourself to the waiting list for as many dates as you’d like. Then if a space becomes available you can book.