Accidents and Injuries

Badminton is a non contact sport and injuries are rare. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and the following procedures detail how we will respond to any minor or major injury that could occur at an EBA session.

If your child has any existing injuries make sure you tell coaches

Minor Injuries

The injury is assessed by a staff member and first aid will be given if required

An accident form is completed by a member of the coaching team

Your child is observed and monitored for the rest of the session

On collection of your child, you will be given information about the injury and will be emailed a copy of the accident form

An Accident Form will only be completed if first aid has been administered, if your child is particularly distressed, or if there is a visible mark/bruise on your child.

Serious Injuries

The injury will be assessed by a staff member, and first aid will be given

The lead coach will decide if hospital treatment is needed

You will be contacted immediately

If we cannot contact you within an appropriate length of time, the lead coach will accompany the child to the hospital or an ambulance will be called.

An accident form will be completed on the day and will be read and signed by the parent

First Aiders

At every EBA session, at least one coach or sport centre staff member is first aid trained. When an accident occurs, it is the responsibility of the first aider to determine how an injury should be dealt with.