Junior Code of Conduct

As an EBA player, you are needed to help create a fun and positive environment. By following these rules you’ll help yourself and others get the most from our badminton coaching.

I will:

  • Always encourage and be supportive of other players
  • Listen to, engage with and respect our coaches and the decisions they make.
  • Be friendly and welcoming to new members
  • Respect the facilities and equipment used by Edinburgh Badminton Academy
  • Always use language and behaviour that is polite, respectful and inclusive
  • As much as possible, arrive at sessions promptly and fully prepared
  • Play for the enjoyment of the sport
  • Follow the laws of the sport when playing competitively
  • Take full responsibility for my decisions, actions and behaviour

I will not:

  • Argue with or undermine our coaches (you can speak to coaches before or after the session to discuss any issues)
  • Use my phone during sessions unless in an emergency
  • Use inappropriate language or behaviour
  • Discriminate against any member of EBA based upon their age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or belief
  • Allow any form of discrimination to go unchallenged or unreported

By following these rules you’ll make sure EBA is a great place for everyone.