We want everyone to feel safe and happy when they are playing badminton. Bullying can make people feel frightened and sad.

What is bullying?

We think lots of different things count as bullying. Bullying can mean:

  • Hurting someone’s feelings
  • Punching, kicking or hitting somebody with a racket or shuttle
  • Calling somebody names
  • Saying unkind things using your phone or the internet

Bullying is not an accident, or something that happens only one time. Bullying happens lots of times and is always on purpose.

What should I do if I think I am being bullied?

  • Tell a coach, parent or another adult straight away
  • You can ask the person to stop if you can but we know this might not always feel possible
  • Ignore them and ask to be moved to another group

You should not get angry or fight back. Remember being bullied is never your fault.

Our coaches always take bullying seriously

If you see somebody else being bullied, you should be a good friend and encourage them to do the right thing by telling a coach. If they are too scared, then you should tell a responsible adult straight away.

What happens once I’ve told an adult?

We will make sure that the bullying stops and that you feel safe during your badminton session.

We recommend that away from our sessions you should tell your parents or guardian first but if you’d like to tell us about bullying you’re experiencing you can also use our form here.