Late Collection

Late Collection

Late Collection Policy

If you are running late, or have made alternative arrangements for your child’s collection, please contact us as quickly as possible so that both the coach and child are made aware of the change.

If we are not contacted and it appears that no alternative arrangements have been made for a child’s collection, EBA coaches will take the following steps.

If a child hasn’t been collected within 15 minutes of a session ending we will attempt to contact you

If this is unsuccessful, we will attempt to reach your child’s emergency contacts

If no contact has been made after one hour, we will contact the local police force to see if they can make contact with you

If the police cannot locate an appropriate adult to collect your child, we will follow the advice of the police on the next course of action

If late collection occurs on three separate occasions, EBA will charge a £25 fine to the parent/carer. If late collection continues to occur, the child may be disinvited from attending further EBA sessions.

Repeated late collection wastes coaches time and can make us late for other sessions