Here you’d find our payment terms and learn about how we charge you as well as how to cancel or pause your membership.

EBA is a non-profit social enterprise and any surplus is reinvested in the academy and the wider badminton community.

Monthly Payment Terms

Our membership is a flexible monthly subscription based on which weekly sessions you attend.

  • The overall cost is split into equal payments between September and June
  • The monthly payment remains the same regardless of the number of sessions each month
  • Dates that are unavailable (eg. half term holidays) are taken into account when setting the overall cost
  • When setting the cost for memberships we ensure that all sessions have a minimum of 35 sessions over 40 weeks 
  • If there’s any unplanned cancellations where we can’t provide an alternative we’ll contact you to compensate you
  • We cannot refund you for any sessions you were unable to attend or transfer due to your own circumstances, sorry!

Pausing Membership

If you need to take a break we can pause your membership to save your space.

  • You can pause your membership for 1-3 months once per season (Sep to June)
  • When pausing we’ll save your space for when you return
  • We need 14 days notice before the next payment date
  • We’ll adjust the next direct debit payment for the sessions you’ve missed
  • To do this, email us here with the start and end date
  • You will then need to cancel via any sessions during that period

Cancelling Membership

We know life is complicated and sadly you might need to cancel your membership. To do this we need the following:

  • We need 14 days notice before the next payment date
  • Then email us here requesting cancellation of your membership

14 days notice gives us time to offer your space to another player and to prevent wasting the space. We still have to pay our coaches and venues so it’s really important to give us notice.

Unfortunately if you cancel after this period we’ll need to charge you for the following month.

  • You can cancel at any point within the first 14 days of your membership and we’ll only charge for the sessions you attended

Late Payment

We are very understanding of circumstances that might affect your ability to pay on time. Just get in touch and we’ll do everything we can to keep you or your child on court.

Late payment increases admin work for us

Once your direct debit is set up there’s no need for you to remember to pay each month.

However if you delaying setting it up, change accounts or there’s insufficient funds you might end up not paying on time. The more time we spend asking for payment the less time is spent on coaching and improving your experience at EBA.

1. We’ll first notify you of the missed payment and let you know how to pay
If you are struggling financially please let us know and we’ll make sure that we support you during this time.

2. Payment is required within 28 days of being notified
If we don’t receive full payment within that timeframe or communication about your financial situation we would need to cancel your membership and ask you to leave the club.

How we collect payments

Our monthly membership is managed through GoCardless Direct Debit. You’re protected by the Direct Debit guarantee to ensure you only pay the amount you’ve agreed to.

Unfortunately we can’t accept standing orders or bank transfers as an alternative.

Click below if you’d like to register a different bank account. Once you’ve done it just send us a quick email to confirm it: